A New Standard for Life and Health Insurance Underwriting

We use digital data to calculate the risk of diagnosis for over 800 conditions, along with Extra Mortalities and Morbidities, saving applicants hours filling out long questionnaires or visiting the doctor.


Step 1 - Collecting digital data

We collect data like physical activity, steps, heart rate and other variables from our users' phones, health tracking apps, wearable devices and other digital data sources.

Step 2 - Calculating an accurate risk profile

Our unique algorithm calculates the risk percentage for over 800 medical conditions.

Step 3 - Translating the risk profile for your objectives

The risk profile can be translated into the relevant Extra Mortality or Extra Morbidity values to fit your existing pricing tables. We can make adjustments according to your different product lines and unique requirements.

Check out our streamlined customer journey for Health and Life Insurance!

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All of our users can get a final decision in less than 3 minutes - anywhere, anytime.


Our speedy process allows users to skip lengthy questionnaires or medical exams -increasing conversion rates and reducing dropouts.


Users are always in control of their data and can revoke their consent at any time. We encrypt all user data and are compliant with relevant privacy regulations.

Delight Your Customers

Higher Accuracy

Our advanced algorithm and digital data offers significantly more accuracy than error-prone surveys and self-filled questionnaires. Our process is validated by leading insurers, reinsurers and universities.

Boost Sales

We give users convenient service in minutes. Allowing you to gain more customers with our streamlined process and higher conversion rates.

Lower Costs

No manual reviews, no medical exams - our quick and easy digital process significantly reduces your operating costs.

Expand Your Bottom line

We have engaged with HealthyHealth and are quite impressed. We see Healthy Health unique data assets of immediate value with respect to wearable data and health outcomes as well as many other opportunities.

Tom Newgarden

Chief Product Officer

National General Insurance

The precision and effectiveness of their model is impressive due to their wealth of data and developed economic behavioural principles. We can recommend using their solution to any businesses looking to identify and decrease the risk of their employees or insurance customers.

Jörn Watzke

Director of Global B2B Business


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